That’s a RAW Deal

As Dog-a-holics’ nutrition specialist and wellness enthusiast, I am pleased to annouce the arrival of Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried treats, dinners and raw meals on our shelves!  We are so excited about these new all-natural, organic and GRAIN-FREE products that we want you to come in and try them for free!  

Stop by either boutique location for free raw samples; great to add to a kibble diet for extra yumminess and nutrition or as a complete diet in itself! 

Why Stella & Chewy’s?

  • Their patties (which come in raw and freeze-dried) are complete and balanced meals for all-life stages.   
  • The freeze-dried patties offer the easiest way to get real, raw whole meat in your pet’s diet
  • Freeze-dried dinners are perfect for owners who feed raw and need no-mess meals during travel
  • You can add water and rehydrate the freeze-dried patties for a meatier snack
  • Dogs LOVE them!

With flavors like Duck, Duck Goose, Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Surf & Turf and Dandy Lamb, the freeze-dried patties are sure to be a scrumptious meal choice for any pooch. 

Or try Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore CRUNCH freeze-dried treats!  In Chicken, Beef, Duck flavors, these treats offer you the same naturally-raised raw meat and organically grown fruits and vegetables included in the freeze-dried meals. 

And don’t forget S&C’s Carnivore Kisses; 100% meat treats, with absolutely no additives or fillers, simply good raw meat, freeze-dried for easy treating!  Rehydrate for an extra meaty treat.  Available in Angus Beef, Bison, Chicken, Duck and Wild Alaskan Salmon.

For  a limited time, Dog-a-holics boutiques in Chicago are offering you some great savings on your favorite Stella & Chewy’s products.  Simply come in for your free sample and $4 off coupon! 

We’ll see you soon!


Snow, Salt and Safety

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it’s snowing!” 

I waited all year to jump into that first snow drift of the season.  And of course, I pulled Dad right along with me, much to his displeasure.  So totally worth it, right, Dad??  However, on the way back home my paws started to hurt, even burn a little and I didn’t want to walk anymore. 

Along with that first big snowfall came the city salt; on every sidewalk, porch and street.  Now it wouldn’t be such an issue with us canines if that salt was the same you used at the kitchen table.  Unfortunately, city salt and many kinds of home snow melters and de-icers contain certain chemicals that cut, burn and get stuck between our paw pads, resulting in a not-so-happy walk around the block.  Not only can it irriate our skin, but if we lick our paws and ingest the chemicals, we can be poisoned. 

The good news is that winter time doesn’t have to mean an unplanned visit to the veterinanan for paw burn and infection.  Dog-a-holics sells boots, salves and pet-safe salt to keep your pet safe and dry this winter.

Safe Paw Ice Melter is the most recommended de-icer by veterinarians, shelters and groomers.  It is 100% salt-free and safe for animals, people and the environment!  We use it (and sell it!) here at Dog-a-holics and love what it does to help protect our furry loved ones!

Dog-a-holics also sells a variety of dog boots to protect from cold, salt and rough terrain.  Muttluks are a soft and flexible boot with an attached cuff to help keep out snow; seen on the right.  Read more and order here!

Grip Trex Boots are an all-terrain, all-season, all-condition boot.  Built for anything, these tough shoes have a thick rubber sole that is made to GRIP!  To read more and order, click here!

If you’re looking for something a little more simple, try the disposable, reusable and waterproof boots by Pawz.  This boot looks just like little balloons that you slip over the dog’s paws and it will keep them dry and salt-free!  Click here to learn more and order yours today.

If your pooch just won’t do boots, try Musher’s Secret.  Musher’s Secret is a salve made from 100% natural waxes and acts as a dense barrier that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws.  Used around the world with sledding dogs, it provides protection in even the worst Chicago weather (and beyond).  And the best part is, you only have to apply it once a week or as needed!  Musher’s Secret will not stain carpets or furniture.  If you would like to know more about Musher’s Secret, pick some up or order, please call one of our boutiques!

The gang and I want to make sure you and your pet are fully prepared for the winter season.  Always feel to give us a call and we can help you figure out what solution is best for you.  Or just stop in and have your pet try on any of the boots too!

Stay safe, warm and dry,

Stay Warm, Trendy and Green This Winter!

Tank here, and I want you to be the first to see the new sweater designs available right now in our two Chicago Dog-a-holics boutiques!  They keep me really warm and I must admit, I get all the compliments when I’m out for a stroll with mom and dad. 

Chilly Dog Sweaters are made from 100% Wool and are all hand-knit.  The dyes used to create these unique sweaters are natural and come from plants, without any chemicals, making them comfortable, warm and completely safe for your dog.

Sizes range from XXS (2-6 lbs) – XXXL (80-120 lbs).  So in other words, any dog can wear these awesome threads!

Check out these cool designs and click on the picture to see them larger:

Pink and Blue Cable Knit, Black Skull, Brown Monkey (with hood and ears) and Blue Monkey.

Green Monster, Pink Aspen, Green Aspen, Red Cable Knit, Shamrock and Moss Green Cable Knit.

Red Argyle, Union Jack and Trendy Argyle.

Stop by either one of our boutiques and pick up a new sweater today.  Tank highly recommends it!

Are you a Responsible Dog Owner?

Saturday, September 18th is National Responsible Dog Ownership Day!  But what really constitutes a responsible owner?  Feeding a good food?  Regular vet visits?  Lots and lots of toys??  I’d say it’s all these and much more!  Dog-a-holics wants to make sure you’re doing your best to provide your pooch with a comfortable, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle so they’ve asked me to put together a top 10 responsible dog owner list.

1. Feed a Good Diet
Find a food that is free of by-products and a food that has a meat source as the FIRST ingredient. Look for foods that don’t include Corn, Wheat or Soy as these are unnecessary fillers your dog’s body can become allergic to or have trouble digesting. Stick with whole ground grains instead, or even go grain-free! Dog-a-holics recommends and carries Fromm, Nature’s Variety Prairie, and Orijen and several great canned food choices too!

2. Go to the Veterinarian
Take your dog in for annual check-ups and vaccinations.  Your vet is a great resource for all your pet-related questions!

3. Provide Chew Toys
Wouldn’t you prefer that Fido chews on his favorite toy instead of that corner of the brand new couch? Make sure you are supplying your pet with treat-dispensing interactive toys to keep them busy while you are away from home and they are free to roam!

4. Groom Your Dog
Who doesn’t look forward to a new haircut, manicure or massage? Us dogs love all that, as well! Not only do grooms keep us clean and beautiful, they keep our hair, skin and attitude healthy. Brush your long-coated dogs and cats daily and also trim their nails weekly. Dog-a-holics offers professional grooming at two locations in Chicago for your convenience.

5. I.D. Your Dog
Identification tags for your pets are essential if your dog is lost or runs away and having your name, address and or phone number on the tag increases your chances of having your pet returned home.  Both Dog-a-holics stores have a wide selection of stylish and durable tags to choose from. 

6. Go on Walks and Play!
We have this amazing reserve of energy, no matter what time of day, especially when you mention the words, “let’s go for a walk!”  Dogs should get at least one daily walk and some quality time at the local park or beach. Make sure to use a strong leash and maintain in control at all times.  You’ll both benefit from the exercise too!

7. Socialize Your Dog
Well-behaved dogs have everything to do with the way they are trained, the home they are brought up in and how socialized they are with different animals and people.  Expose your pet to as many kinds of places and personalities as you can and remember to praise them for accepting petting from friendly strangers and for behaving calmly around other dogs.  The more your dog learns of the world, the more comfortable they’ll be in it!

8. Go to Class
We love to learn and put on our K9 thinking caps!  Obedience classes, leash-walking classes, no barking classes (and more) are all offered through Dog-a-holics Training Facility.  Classes are also a great way to raise a well-behaved and respectable pet!  For a current listing of classes offered by Dog-a-holics, please click here.

9. Pick Up Those Nasties!
You know you’ve done it…you’ve left your pet’s waste in the grass because you didn’t have a bag or couldn’t find a trash recepticle…but that’s no excuse!  Remember, animal feces can harbor dangerous bacteria, worms or fatal disease that pets can ingest and become infected with.  Be respectful of your neighbors and your neighborhood by always remembering to bring a plastic bag with you on walks and disposing of your pet’s waste the right way. 

10. Love your Dog
Lastly and most importantly, love your pet unconditionally because we will always do the same for you, and let’s face it, we deserve it! 

Now go be the best darn dog owner you can be!  


Rear Gear: No More Mr. Brown Eye!

Tank here, to introduce you to a brand new and simply hilarious  product: REAR GEAR!

While scouring the world-wide web for the latest in poochy fashion, I came across the very unique Rear Gear and couldn’t help but bark for joy for this young entrepreneur who hand-makes each recycled, customized piece of art for your dog or cat’s “brown eye”!  At first a bit silly, one can recognize the potential for laughs and ultimately a more comfortable and confident pet!


From the seller:

Is your pet feeling left in the dirt because of his/her unsightly rear? I’ve got them covered… Rear Gear is handmade in Portland, OR and offers a cheerful solution to be rid your favorite pet’s un-manicured back side.

Rear Gear comes in many designs including a disco ball, air freshener, heart, flower, biohazard, smiley face, number one ribbon, cupcake, sheriff’s badge, dice, and you can even make yours custom, so there’s a Rear Gear for everyone!

If you’d like to learn more or make a purchase, please visit Rear Gear’s website by clicking here!

P.S. – I’ve been told this is a GREAT stocking stuffer and gag gift!!


Congratulations Frank, you won our August Treat of the Month Contest with over 22.15% of the votes!!! This picture will be featured on “A Dog’s Life” brand of treats sold at both our stores and online!

These custom treats will be available for purchase in a few weeks.

Frank is a 9 month old yellow lab that was a gift to his loving owner, Corey. He’s named after Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra! He was born in the State of Iowa and is a HUGE Hawkeye fan, even sporting the Hawkeyes logo on his collar. Frank never misses a Football Saturday in front of the TV! Other free time activities include swimming in Lake Michigan, trips to Wiggly Field, or just receiving belly rubs!

Dog-a-holics says THANK YOU to all the contest participants and to everyone who voted!

Want a chance to win??  Stop into any of our shops for the secret email between September 1st – 12th to submit your dog’s photos for September’s contest!

Amazing Anatomy – Your Dog’s Ears!

Wanna go for a ride in the car??

What a magical phrase!  Immediately, he focuses, cocks his head and is hanging on your every word.  And the best part is, he could have heard that a mile away!  It’s extraordinary how superior our hearing is compared to that of other species.  Did you know that at least 18 muscles work together to raise, tilt, turn and rotate each awesome ear on us canines?  Those muscles help to pinpoint the exact location of sounds.  

Even better, we can identify a sound’s location much faster than a human can, as well as hear sounds up to four times the distance that humans are able to.  Isn’t that mind-doggling??

I’ll tell you a secret: if you wanna know if we’re paying attention to you, just look at our ears!  If our ears are erect and facing forward (towards you), then we are engaged and focused!  However, if they are laid back tightly against our head, then usually we’re feeling fearful or shy.  And just slightly pulled back means we’re feeling comfortable and friendly.

And another amazing thing – at night when you are sleeping and it feels nice and quiet, we hear a cacophony of sounds.  Dogs can actually hear the vibration of insect bodies in the walls and even the high-frequency pulse of the crystal resonator in your digital alarm clock!

I’ve noticed that some of my BFFs have similar ears to me and some are just plain silly!  It depends on the breeding of each dog, but ear shapes are organized into the following categories:

Pendant Ear:

Folded Ear:

Rose Shaped Ear:

Bat Shaped Ear:

Button Shaped Ear:

Now you won’t be able to help bragging about your newfound canine ear knowledge!  And as a bonus, I’ll leave you with a fun fact – Tigger, a bloodhound from Illinois, has the longest ears on record, measured at 13.75 and 13.5 inches!  Bloodhound’s ears are so long they skim the ground, which helps to waft up the various smells, directing the pooch on the right path!

 Thanks always for reading!  We’ll see you next time 🙂